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Welcome to Manifesto Brands, where you will find stationery products that are simple, personal and full of creative potential. Products that are created by companies committed to making product that is better than anything else out there, companies fuelled by brilliant ideas, a love of their community and who aren't daunted by turning and walking into a head-wind of conventional thinking. We see this belief and commitment flowing into the products we sell here. These products spark a creative response in us and we believe they can for you as well because, ultimately, we all want to be connected with our creative ideas, thoughts and desires.

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To our shoppers our brands are simple, personal and meaningful.

We want our customers to:
feel inspired
explore and push ideas
plan it out
get it done

We want to offer our retailers brands that:
are visually unique,
add value to the categories in which they are sold,
provide a clear point of difference,
add a little bit of meaning to the lives of people that buy them.

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