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NB: 2015 Back to Paper diaries are now discounted. See our bargain bin for details.

Life is hectic, paper is patient! Sometimes you can be so busy that you lose sight of the bigger picture. Fortunately paper is patient. Free up space in your head and put down your thoughts on paper. The result is a stability and calmness in the knowledge that you can rely on paper. 

Back to Paper -Manifesto Brands

Stylish, minimal, tough. Back to Paper will present well all year.

Back to Paper - Manifesto Brands

The best diary layout. A week to view on the left (appointments and daily priorities) and a notes page on the right (lists, numbers, notes).

The Back to Paper® collection comes in two different sizes of diaries (A5 and B7) and 3 sizes in the notebooks (A4A5 and B7). The Back to Paper diary is a combination of agenda and notebook. The diaries feature extra space for writing, the numbered pages and index tabs means the layout is flexible to just about any user. Thanks to the flexible cover, your Back to Paper diary or notebook will fit perfectly into your handbag or briefcase without bulking it up. A very popular diary with a very loyal following.

Back to Paper - Manifesto Brands

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