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At Manifesto Brands we like brands that are still connected to their history, community and place. We like brands that via a simple idea can transcend traditional thinking and provoke a creative response.

Wörther logo - manifesto brands

Wörther is a brand from the small town of Baden Baden , Germany on the edge of the black forest. The range revolves around the brilliantly practical SHORTY mechanical pencils. Then there are the designer  COMPACT and PROFIL ranges which includes Fountain pens, Rollerballs, Ballpoint, 0.5mm Mechanical pencils and the massive 5.6mm mechanical pencils. The use of anodised aluminium finishes gives you a choice of natural, grey and black but if it is colour that you want then look no further than the Shortys and the range of colour refills. All product is made in Baden Baden, often from materials sourced from the region surrounding the town. Wörther is a credible designer brand that is both attractive and durable.

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Brepols Logo - Manifesto Brands

Manifesto Brands is proud to offer the Brepols Back to Paper, Moose and Chambord ranges into Australia. The brand promise is one of security and comfort in the knowledge that you can unclutter your mind and keep your thoughts safe on paper. In this way a Brepols diary perfectly meets the demands of a discerning consumer who wants a notebook or diary with FSC accreditation yet is still practical, smart and stylish.  The numbered pages of both the diaries and the notebooks mean you will always be able to cross reference your ideas, thoughts and desires and plan them into your schedule. Handy tab stickers and an assortment of isometric, lined and grid paper designs mean Back to Paper diaries and notebooks will satisfy just about every creative need. Brepols notebooks and diaries are made in Belgium in the same town where the company was initially founded in 1796.

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