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Wörther rarely fail to spark a creative response. This is because at Wörther they simply try to meet their own high expectations for quality product, all of which is hand finished in-house at their the factory in Baden Baden. The resulting product is authentic, individual, brilliant quality and surprisingly affordable.

Best known for the SHORTY range of 3.15 mm mechanical pencils, the Wörther brand includes mechanical pencils from the fine 0.5 mm, medium 1.2 mm to the large 3.15 mm and largest 5.6 mm guage graphite leads. Ballpoints, rollerballs, fountain pens and a full complement of colourful accessories round out the range.

Wörther have a genuine commitment to quality and this is reflected in the high grade materials used in the manufacture of their product. Pick up a Wörther mechanical pencil or pen and you know you are holding something special in your hand. The quality can be seen in the positive spring mechanisms, precise engineering, high grade natural or anodized aluminium and the locally grown maple, plum and cherry timber reflects the classic attention to detail you would expect from hand assembled product from Germany. Afer almost 2 years of distribution, I still haven't had a single return. Exceptional.

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 Wörther is a family owned business operating out of and with a strong commitment to the small town of Baden Baden, located on the north western edge of the Black Forest. Wörther is genuinely a product of it's community and place. 
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